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Wine Bar War


Logo Design for Wine Bar War. The Event debuted in London this year after made waves in the US with two events (in New York and Miami), the pop up wine bar challenge made its way to the UK and opened to a crowd of visitors at the popular wine fair in the country’s capital. Four teams of four sommeliers had two days to compete in making a pop up Chilean wine bar themed around the tourism destinations and wines of Chile, and had to battle to capture the attention of some of the 10,000 visitors to the wine fair. “It’s a great idea; something very fresh, very new,” said Ronan Sayburn, MS and judge for the event. “I’ve not seen any other countries doing this and I think that it’s a really good incentive. It gets a whole bunch of sommeliers really motivated learning about Chile, and putting in the research to pick some good wines.”


Wine Bar War
New York