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Awake Health


Awake Health is an alternative method of using food and yoga as practices to help align your eating and lifestyle habits with the authentic needs of your body and soul. And to integrate your diet with other life directions and your role in the world.Healthy eating is not a matter of using knowledge and a controlling your mind to overrule a body that craves foods and habits that are ‘bad’ for it. Second guessing and ignoring the body’s needs is what drives us into imbalance and discomfort.The programs offered by Awake Health help you develop greater sensitivity to the body, greater sensitivity and trust to your inner voice.Awake Health requires courage. These practices are aimed to help you abandon the habits of distrust, restriction, and denial and trust that the body is a friend that speaks the truth. And to trust that truth – even if it contradicts old beliefs about what is good and bad for you. This is no small step, but truly a leap of faith. How consistently you practice Awake Health techniques is up to you. It depends how much change you are willing to accept into your life. Remember that even the most thorough change happens one choice at a time. Let these programs be a useful guide map to explore new food and lifestyle choices.


Awake Health
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